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Pleasure, pleasure!
Sir MacHumphry svarar sˇ­aspurningum!

Sir MacHumphry svarar sˇ­aspurningum!

My name is Johnas and I was a student in 6-Y. I think alot about filthy things and my favourit thing is my buttplug. I use it every time I get chance to and then I always turn off my phone. Am I abnormal my dear McHumphry?

Yours sincerely,

Well my dear old chap mister Johnas. When I was a little boy I masturbated extremly often. Every time I got an orgasm I screamed far beyond the norm and often I embaressed my parents infront of their noble friends. When I discovered the marmalade I started masturbating of more intensity and it was then when my father decided to buy me a buttplug. He knew by himself how soothing and relaxing this device is and that it would make me stop screaming every time I got an orgasm. I use it still when I┤m felling distressed. My dear Johnas, you are far from being abnormal.
MacHumphry 8:14 PM+1

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