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Pleasure, pleasure!
Sir MacHumphry svarar sóđaspurningum!

Sir MacHumphry svarar sóđaspurningum!

Fräulein Liebe:
I was wondering, have you and Lord Paddington put marmelade over your bodies and made wild love in a cinema?

This is indeed an abominable question. I only put marmalade on my body on my most sincere and private moments. As you ought to know I´m a gentleman of the highest order and a nobleman indeed. It´s completely disgraceful that you are implying that I and Lord Paddington have a homosexual relationship. Despite the fact that Lord Paddington is very handsome and has a very arousing body I would never, I repeat, NEVER do anything of this dirty kind. This is indeed thoroughly unpleasant and disagreeable question!
MacHumphry 9:01 PM+1

I´m so excited. My special marmaladenight is today.
MacHumphry 6:46 PM+1

Sir MacHumphry,
I was wondering; is it naughty of me to think about Mr. Gudmundsson, Aríann, Trölla and Handsome Hawk taking each other in the ass with "tilhlaupi" while I double click the mouse??? It seems like a dirty little thing but it feels soooooooo good.

Yours Sincerely, hver önnur

Well, you are a filthy little thing aren´t you? This fantasy of your´s is quite arousing but immoral I daresay. Why don´t you think of a small valley with woods and fields and little rivers? I actually don´t know what this "tilhlaupi" means, but if it´s an Icelandic word for jelly or even marmalade then you´re not quite as naughty indeed. But PLEASE stop thinking dirty thoughts about Mr. Gudmundsson. He dosn´t like pervertism of this kind.

MacHumphry 6:10 PM+1

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