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Pleasure, pleasure!
Sir MacHumphry svarar sˇ­aspurningum!

Sir MacHumphry svarar sˇ­aspurningum!

Frńulein Liebe: Is it normal to love when your girlfriend licks your asshole while you are farting and looking at a photo of a pandabear?

I┤ve never heard about anything like this before so I had to try it myself I daresay. Because I haven┤t got any girlfriend I had to use my faithful dog Thatcher to do the dirty part. I have to say that this is very filthy and unmoral. I felt very ashamed afterwards and I tried to wash the dirt of my soul by drinking alot of marmalade but it didn┤t work. I don┤t like you Frńulein Liebe.
MacHumphry 6:47 PM+1

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