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Pleasure, pleasure!
Sir MacHumphry svarar saspurningum!

Sir MacHumphry svarar saspurningum!

g hef alveg hrikalegar frttir a fra!

Sir MacHumphry, hinn ekkti og virti breski kynlfsrgjafi liggur n ungt haldinn sjkrahsi fyrir aalsmenn London. gegnum rin hefur hann svala bi spennufkn og kynhvt sinni me svoklluum kfifullngingum en a er frekar saleg athfn sem felst v a loka fyrir srefnisfli til heila mean fullnging stendur yfir. Hann fannst nr daua en lfi sumarvillu sinni Shrineville fyrir tpri viku tataur marmelai og klddur rauhettu bningi og er a stan fyrir v a hann hefur ekki svara spurningum hr um hr. g hringdi hann gr og sagist hann tla a halda fram a svara saspurningunum um lei og heilsa hans leyfi.
MacHumphry 8:59 PM+1

Arinn: Is it appropriate to masturbate while one is in class with many other people, both girls and boys, like my filthy friend Addi who is known as yfirsi and giant-masturbator has done rapidly during this last year of mine in the Commercial College of Iceland? It would by different if there were not any boys in the classroom because the girls like it, I think, but I find it disgraceful and with this vulgar behaviour he has stepped on my innocent soul.

Well my dear boy. When I was a young lad I had a small problem. In the classes of the very expensive private school my parents sent me to I masturbated alot. Nobody noticed it but when I got an orgasm I started crying. I was ashamed of myself. I knew I had done something naughty and immoral. Therefore if your friend Addi likes marmalade and knows he has behaved disobediently I think hes quite normal.

MacHumphry 5:43 PM+1

Handsome Hawk: Do you like farting in the bathtub sir MacHumphry?

Why are you asking me this silly question? Im a respectable British sex advicer and a nobleman may I add. This is absurd and I think its very childish indeed. Actually I enjoy trying to catch the fart bubbles with my mouth. It is a very difficult thing to do but when I succeed I reward myself with a biscuit with marmlade.

MacHumphry 5:43 PM+1

Arinn: Is it normal to masturbate while taking a dump?

Ive heard about this sort of pervertism before. The icelandic verb for it is to "krunka ser" or something like that. I personally think that this is filthy because Im a gentleman. I prefer tea and biscuits you see. My advice to you dear boy is to stop this nonsense.

MacHumphry 5:42 PM+1

Bodyforlife boy: Do you masturbate alot sir MacHumphry?

Arrogance like this will not be tolerated on this website. Im a respectable British gentleman and therefor Im easaly offended by rudeness of this nature. Ive talked to mister Gudmundsson and hes considering to forbid you to visit his website. Of course I masturbate alot!

MacHumphry 5:42 PM+1

Strumpurinn: Is it alright to masturbate over a picture of ones grandmother?

Well my dear lad old chap mister Strumpurinn. It depends on your grandmother. For example, does she like marmelade with her cup of tea? Is her body marvelous and does she have a small dog she enjoyes taking short walks in the park? I know mine did, and therefore I didnt feel guilty after thinking dirty thoughts about her.
MacHumphry 4:59 PM+1

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